Innovative high-end wireless loudspeakers for forward-thinking music lovers


The suspension of disbelief

Experience our range of exclusive High-End speakers. 

All models have been designed and constructed with an eye on absolute perfection. From our entry series “Tulua” to our top model “Moajaza”. Every product delivers an unrivaled sound quality and our state-of-the-art streaming technologies. 

Experience the suspension of disbelief. 

Goya Acoustics Moajaza all colors
the miracle


Moajaza is the first product of Goya Acoustics and the name says it all. 

We have put all of our knowledge and the best available technologies together to build this exceptional product. 

An ultimate quality wireless speaker

a strong desire


Tamanna is the second series of Goya Acoustics. 

This series steps up to our top model Moajaza. It has the same sound quality and the same wireless capabilities. 

A reference quality wireless speaker

Goya Acoustics Tamanna 3-Way Floor Black
Goya Acoustics Tulua 3-Way Floor White
a rising star


Tulua is our third speaker series and the entry into the world of Goya Acoustics.

Tulua features the same sound signature as our other series and the same wireless capabilities at an more affordable price.

A rising star

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