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Hayat - life, existence

The idea behind the Hayat series was the development of an High-End speaker with deep social roots and environmentally friendly materials. 

But we also wanted to stay true to the sound of Goya Acoustics.

We have implemented the technologies of Goya Acoustics into the speakers of Hayat.
To realize these technologies we have done extensive research and we have done a giant investment to try dozens of amplifier and streaming technologies.
Finally we ended with a completely new groundbreaking technology in cooperation with a french company.
Now this technology is also implemented into every speaker of the Hayat series.
Hayat Audio Two Black Front
Hayat Two

3-way Floorstanding

A natural design in combination with 2 powerful 5″ aluminum woofers, a 5″ aluminum midrange and a small ribbon tweeter.

Combined with 500 Watts of audiophile quality class-d amplifiers and unrivaled streaming capabilities. 

Available in black and white

Hayat One

2-way Bookshelf

The smaller sister of the 3-way floorstanding speaker. 

It features a 5″ aluminum woofer and a ribbon tweeter. But still it has an impressively deep bass.

On the inside you will find our full streaming module together with 250 Watts audiophile class-d amplifiers.

Available in black and white

Hayat Audio One Black Front
Hayat Audio Zero Black Front
Hayat Zero


The latest member of the Hayat family. 

This subwoofer features an 8″ aluminum woofer in combination with a 500 watts of audiophile class-d amplifier and full streaming capabilities.

Available in black and white.

A long process for the perfect sound

All the best parts are useless if put together carelessly. This is why we spend weeks listening to all of our speakers and doing countless measurements until we achieve the perfect results.

This means an outstanding sound and truly perfect measurements with a linear frequency response and perfectly low distortion. 

Experience the suspension of disbelief with Hayat. 


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