Learn more about the inner values of our speakers


State of the art and up to date

The main goal that we had when we started Goya Acoustics was the integration of the latest technologies into our speakers. 

Read more about the technologies that we use and find out why we have chosen to go with these technologies.

Planing Goya Acoustics

Learn more about the Development Process
of Goya Speakers

Every speaker of our product portfolio goes through an extensive and very long development process until we’re completely satisfied with the result. 



Exceptional Speaker Drivers for every speaker

Learn more about our exclusive driver selection. 

Amplifier Goya Acoustics

High efficiency audiophile amplifiers

Learn more about the amplifier technologies we integrate in our speakers and find out why we love this technology.

Wireless and Streaming Technologies

Only one Cable

All Speakers of Goya Acoustics feature a revolutionary wireless and streaming technology. 

Find out why we say our speakers are wireless, but without the sound of wireless speakers. 

Goya Acoustics Solid

Rock solid

Read more about the enclosures of the Goya Acoustics speakers.

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