Reference quality wireless speaker

A strong desire


The follow up series to Moajaza. Again we used a word with a strong meaning: Desire.

Tamanna uses the same technologies as our top series Moajaza. All models feature speaker drivers from Accuton and the same wireless technologies. 

We have put all of our knowledge and the best available technologies together to build this exceptional product. 

The speaker is available as 2-way bookshelf, 2-way floorstanding and 3-way floorstanding. All of the models are built with exceptional precision that you will feel immediately.  

A strong desire.

Goya Acoustics Tamanna 3-Way Floor Black

3-way Floorstanding

A beautiful design, 2 powerful 173mm ceramics woofers, a 90mm ceramic midrange and a 30mm ceramic tweeter. 

Combined with 750 Watts of audiophile quality class-d amplifiers and unrivaled streaming capabilities. 

Available in black and white


2-way Floorstanding

The smaller sister of the 3-way floorstanding speaker. 

It features a 158mm ceramic woofer and 30mm ceramic tweeter. The enclosure is perfectly designed and allows really deep bass down to 50Hz. 

On the inside you will find our full streaming module together with 250 Watts audiophile class-d amplifiers.

Available in black and white

Goya Acoustics Tamanna 2-Way Floor White
Goya Acoustics Tamanna 2-Way Shelf Black

2-way Bookshelf

The smallest member of the Tamanna family. 

Still produced with the highest quality and the best components. A 158mm ceramics woofer combined with a 30mm ceramics tweeter powered by 250 Watts of audiophile quality class-d amplifiers. 

Available in black and white.

A long process for the perfect sound

All the best parts are useless if put together carelessly. This is why we spend weeks listening to all of our speakers and doing countless measurements until we achieve the perfect results.

This means an outstanding sound and truly perfect measurements with a linear frequency response and perfectly low distortion. 

Experience the suspension of disbelief with Tamanna. 


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