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The Goya Acoustics Family

Goya Acoustics is a real family business. 

The company was founded at the end of 2018/beginning of 2019 by Sebastian Schmidt and his father Hans-Joachim Schmidt. Both share a deep passion for music and high-quality reproduction of music. With Goya Acoustics they want to share this passion with you. 

More than that all customers, distributors and dealers of Goya Acoustics are treated as family members. We always have a very close contact to our family members. 

Welcome to the Goya Acoustics Family

Sebastian Schmidt

A life for music

Sebastian has been interested in music his whole life and he is building speakers since his teenage years.
When he grew up he decided to make music his job and started to study Audio Engineering. During his studies he developed two active speaker projects.
After graduating with a bachelor of science he started working at Accuton as a production engineer.
3 years later he wanted to advance his career even further and started as project manager in an IT Company before he founded Goya Acoustics.
Hans-Joachim Schmidt

An eye for design

Joachim started his career in the building industry, but he always loved listening to music. 
As the father of Sebastian he has always been involved in building speakers which lead to a deep interest and understanding of the audio industry.
While retaining leading positions in various building companies he decided to start the Company Goya Acoustics with Sebastian. 
The design of the speakers was developed by Joachim.
Hans-Joachim Schmidt Goya Acoustics
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